Control your Micromate or Minimate Pro monitors anytime, anywhere. THOR is the most powerful software on the market for event management, compliance reporting and data analysis. Available in English, French, Spanish or Swedish. Download THOR today for free!

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THOR Email Notifications

Configurable notifications

Create email groups and assign them to projects. Configure the information each group receives and when they receive it.

THOR Event Reports

Customizable event reports

Add your company logo to event reports and select from over 20 National Frequency Standards for compliance reporting.

THOR Auto Call Home

Integrated Auto Call Home

Configure your Auto Call Home settings through THOR and Auto Call Home will run in the background even when THOR is closed.


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Manage connected units without stepping foot on site

Reduce site visits and monitor units that are difficult to reach. THOR’s intuitive dashboard lets you quickly see the status of connected units. See important factors like battery status, available memory and the number of captured events. From THOR’s dashboard, you can view and configure setup files and schedules. With THOR you can even run sensor checks, start monitoring, update firmware and restart units that are remotely connected. As long as your monitoring unit is communicating with THOR, you can control it.

Organize event data and how you see it

View event data in three different ways; transfer events with Auto Call Home, import events or view the data without downloading it. THOR will automatically filter events into pre-configured projects so that you can sort events by site, contract or customer. With THOR you can group, filter and sort data by serial number, date, time, trigger level, PPV, event type, sample rate and more! THOR lets you quickly and easily identify trends in your event data.


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Interactive and customizable event reporting

THOR offers high-resolution event reports that you can customize with your company logo. Choose from over 20 National Frequency standards to ensure your project is in compliance. Customize units of measurement (Imperial, Metric, dB/linear units) quickly and easily. With unprecedented interactivity THOR lets you zoom in on sections of the graph or hide the graph all together. You can set and label markers to indicate peaks or other activity across the waveform for easy comparison.

Advanced analysis features take your event reporting to the next level

Advance features in THOR let you easily transform your event data without altering the original event file. Waveform data can be easily converted between velocity, acceleration and displacement. Data can be filtered, truncated, shifted, frequency weighted, displayed in third-octave bands and more. You can even playback sound clips or perform signature hole analysis. For users with a repeatable workflow, THOR lets you create a customized set of operations that can be reused – saving you time! Available with a month-to-month or annual subscription.


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