Instantel® vibration and overpressure monitors are among the most versatile seismographs available in the world today. From the simplest to the most demanding applications, Instantel® Micromate® and Minimate® instruments offer innovative features, specialized sensors, and a variety of recording formats that increase their functionality and allow for flexibility across a wide variety of applications.
Trusted in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air blasts, and water pressure changes created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities. Instantel monitors are the instruments of choice for:
  • Blast monitoring for compliance
  • Class 1 Sound Level Monitoring
  • Near-field blast monitoring
  • Far-field blast monitoring
  • Underwater blast monitoring
  • Demolition activity monitoring
  • Construction activity monitoring
  • Heavy transportation monitoring
  • Pile driving monitoring
  • Dynamic compaction monitoring
  • Tunnel and subway monitoring
  • Structural monitoring and analysis
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Remote access monitoring
  • Vibration dose value monitoring (VDV)
  • Environmental monitoring