Who We Are

Our products are in sites, contributing to the success of our customers’ projects in over 85 countries. From specialized sensors and recording options, to remote data collection and a cloud-based data hosting solution, Instantel continues a history of innovation and industry firsts.

We are proud of our position as an industry leader, but are always committed to improvement through innovation. We understand that our customers face challenging environments daily and that they need their data quickly and reliably to ensure the success of their projects. We specialize in providing our customers with the tools they need to get their job done safely and within regulation. Our flexible product portfolio allows our customers to select the monitoring solution that best meets their needs - whether deep in the earth, above ground or underwater.

Who is Instantel?

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What We Do

We design, manufacture, calibrate and service all of our products. We thrive on creating industry firsts, and at Instantel we’ve created a lot of them.

Our dedicated Product Development team strives to keep us at the forefront of innovation, while working with our customers to improve our current product lines. We design software solutions that fully integrate with our units, making data collection smooth and easy. For us, ease-of-use is a way of thinking, designed into every Instantel product.

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At Instantel, we don’t just deliver industry-leading products, we also deliver world-class service. Our knowledgeable Technical Support team is dedicated to providing our customers with practical expertise and advice. Our customers often face difficult installations and we are here to help them find the right solution.

We drive quality in every service we deliver and never take shortcuts. We calibrate at every frequency on the spectrum, not just a subset. When your units are calibrated by Instantel, you can guarantee that your event data is accurate. Our Service and Calibration team is committed to low turnaround times, keeping units where they are needed – in the field.

A History Of Industry Firsts From Instantel

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Web Reporting

We were one of the first to introduce web-based event reporting for 24/7 access to event data.

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Histogram-Combo Mode

First vibration monitor to record both waveform and histogram events simultaneously.

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Auto Call Home

First vibration monitor to automatically transfer event data remotely to a computer.

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Touch Screen Interface

Our Micromate monitoring unit has the first touch screen interface in the industry.

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In-field Printer

We were the first with a built-in printer so events could be read in the field.

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Compact Seismograph

We built the industry’s first compact seismograph with functionality.

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Compliance Reporting

We were the first to provide sensor frequency response curves meeting ISEE standards.

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