Remote Access

Configuring your monitoring unit to use a cellular modem and Auto Call Home can save you time and energy by automatically sending your monitoring data directly to the cloud or to your computer. You no longer have to go to the monitoring station to collect your data.

Why Remote Access Monitoring?

Instantel’s monitoring units are designed to operate using a GSM modem with a public static IP address. This allows customers to install the unit in the field and receive notifications in near real-time concerning the event data that is being recorded. Micromate and Minimate Pro units are easily integrated into enclosures protecting them from the elements. Where conditions do not permit connecting the unit to the power grid, units can be equipped with extended lithium performance batteries or be hooked up to solar panels to charge their internal batteries.

Remote monitoring enclosure in field
Interior of remote monitoring box

Connecting to THOR and Vision Software Systems

Instantel's systems are designed to be configured remotely and record automatically. This means our monitoring systems can be installed permanently for the length of your project. Our equipment is designed to withstand long-term installations. By connecting a modem to the monitoring unit, recorded data can automatically be sent to your computer, server or to Vision, Instantel’s cloud-based data hosting solution. Using Instantel’s desktop software, THOR, the connected unit can be programmed remotely. Our scheduler lets you quickly program the days and time frames you would like to monitor. From your office, you can quickly program a unit, view battery and memory levels, retrieve events, perform updates and sensor checks, restart the unit or configure Auto Call Home settings.

For help on setting up remote monitoring view our instructional videos:


Some transit authorities require 24-hour access to the recorded event data. Instantel monitoring units connected to a modem can automatically send event reports to Vision. Vision lets you share your event data automatically and it can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connected device. Instantel’s Histogram Combo recording mode lets you monitor 24 hours a day and still get event reports when trigger levels are exceeded. With Vision, you can also create customized reports and add in data from other sensors that may be onsite like strain gauges or concrete sensors.

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Relevant Case Study

Vargem Mines informational graphic
Nova Lima, Brazil

Vargem Grande Mine

An automated remote access vibration monitoring system protects the structural integrity of a tailings dam.

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