Instantel® Micromate® and Minimate® Pro seismographs -the world’s most trusted vibration monitors

Since 1982, Instantel monitors have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Used in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities.

Innovative features, specialized sensors, and a variety of recording formats increase the functionality of Instantel monitors and allow for flexibility across applications, from regulatory blast monitoring to remote data collection. Renowned for their ease of use and reliability, Instantel vibration and overpressure monitors are the instruments of choice for various mining, construction, and geotechnical applications.

Supported by dedicated service and technical support from Instantel, our worldwide network of qualified dealers offer Instantel equipment sales and rentals, as well as professional consulting and monitoring services, for any project. In addition, Instantel instruments are calibrated and serviced through international factory authorized calibration and service sites.

The Instantel Micromate, a 4-channel unit, is designed to monitor and transmit event data with one triaxial geophone and one air overpressure microphone. Easy-to-use with a touch-screen interface including intuitive menus, color display, and an associated keypad, the Micromate offers a rugged design featuring a high-impact case. Introduce yourself to advanced monitoring technology with a real-time operating system, USB interface, expansive memory, and a variety of plug and play peripherals that provide unequalled versatility across multiple applications.

Instantel Minimate Pro4™ and Minimate Pro6™ monitors are among the most versatile and capable monitors available. Featuring a rugged design, innovative enhancements, and advanced monitoring technology, the Minimate Pro systems will give you the results you need in a wide variety of applications.

Instantel Blastware® software, the Windows® software companion to your Instantel seismographs, offers powerful, easy-to-use features, for event management, compliance reporting and advanced data analysis – including Signature Hole Analysis. 
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Vision™ from Instantel is a cloud-based data hosting application for vibration monitoring data that takes the pain out of satisfying even the most demanding reporting requirements. Leave the data management to Vision so that you can get back to doing what you do best-managing your project.