1. How do I install the latest version of THOR on my computer?

2. How do I update an existing installation of THOR on my computer?

3. How do I update a monitoring unit's firmware?

4. Which monitoring units are compatible with THOR?

5. How do I connect my unit to THOR using a USB or Serial cable?

6. How do I connect my unit to THOR using a modem?

7. How can I setup a Schedule on my unit?

8. How do I setup THOR to receive data remotely using Auto Call Home from my unit?

9. What is the 'Monitor While Calling Home' (MWCH) function?

10. What are Auto Call Home filters and how do I use them?

11. How can I add, edit or delete filters and actions for Auto Call Home?

12. How can I receive real-time monitoring data over email or text message?

13. How can I import events to view/analyze the data in THOR?

14. How can I activate THOR Advanced functionality?

15. How can I send email alerts if vibration levels exceed the Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) threshold?

16. How can I export event data into a spreadsheet or XML for analysis?

17. How can I place my company logo on a report?

18. How can I synchronize Daylight Savings Time (DST) data with my unit?

19. How many units can Auto Call Home at the same time?

20. How can I uninstall THOR properly?

21. How can I view Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) data in dB?

22. How can I migrate my THOR database to a new computer?

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