From specialized sensors and recording options, to remote data collection and a cloud-based data hosting solution, Instantel products are rugged and reliable. Each product is designed, manufactured and calibrated by Instantel so you can be sure to get accurate readings every time.


Micromate Seismograph


With so many features, the Micromate redefines industry standards for functionality and ease of use. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Micromate is the first monitor in the industry with a touch screen.

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Minimate Pro Seismometer

Minimate Pro™

The Minimate Pro units feature an advanced monitoring technology, rugged design, EMI shielding and the ability to monitor two triaxial geophones on one unit, the Minimate Pro monitors are easy for anyone to use.

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Smart Geophone


The first smart geophone in the world. The new SmartGeo automatically levels and orients for accurate readings of vertical, transverse and longitudinal vibrations, without leveling the geophone.

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Micromate Rugged


A cloud-based data hosting application for your recorded event data. Vision provides secure, encrypted web-based access to your projects 24/7, including unit status, compliance warnings, alarms and event reports.

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THOR Event Management


The powerful desktop software for your Instantel monitoring units – offering powerful, easy-to-use features for compliance reporting and advanced analysis, including signature hole analysis.

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Seismograph Sensors

Sensors & Accessories

Instantel offers a wide variety of sensors to measure vibration, noise/sound, air overpressure and acceleration. Our sensors are reliable and built to last. They are designed, manufactured and calibrated by Instantel.

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