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To better serve you, we require a few pieces of information to get your support ticket opened. We recommend having this information available before you start your ticket. Information such as the model and serial number can be found on the Instantel product information sticker on the outside of your Instantel equipment. If you have trouble locating this information, please email

You will need:

  • Serial Number (Example: UM12345)
  • Model (Example: Micromate)
  • A Return Shipping Address
  • Return Carrier Information – If you have a corporate shipping account with a carrier (UPS, Dicom, etc), please let us know. We would be happy to return your equipment using your preferred carrier. Otherwise, we will use one of our preferred carriers.



Please follow the instructions below to create a ticket for calibration or repair services on your Instantel equipment.

  1. Login to the Support Portal.
  2. Click on My RMAs.
  3. Click the Enter RMA button.
  4. Enter your contact and return shipping information.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter information about your Instantel equipment and return shipping instructions. There is also a section here to enter any details or items you would like our technicians to review.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You will be provided with an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number – this is your ticket number. An email with instructions on how to return your equipment to Instantel will be sent to the email address in the ticket. This email will also included a return shipping label with Instantel’s corporate address and the ticket number.
  9. Please use the shipping labels provided to return your equipment to Instantel.


Please follow the instructions below to check the status on an existing Instantel calibration or repair ticket.

  1. Login to the Support Portal.
  2. Click on My RMAs.
  3. Click the List My RMAs button.
  4. You will be provided with a list of RMAs that were opened under your account. This list will tell you the RMA number, serial number, the date you submitted the RMA, the state the RMA is in and the date it was moved to its current state.

Your equipment is moved through a series of checkpoints, or states, while it is at Instantel. These checkpoints let us keep you informed every step of the way – as each checkpoint is reached, a notification is sent to the email provided in the ticket.


Each ticket is unique and the checkpoints your equipment reaches while it is at Instantel will depend on the type of work required on the equipment. Below is a diagram showing a path of the checkpoints a ticket can pass through while at Instantel. Please note, these check points may change based on the technician’s findings. For example, a unit that was here for calibration may require repairs before the calibration can be completed.

If you have any questions on the status of your equipment, please email




SubmittedA ticket has been opened for your equipment.
ReceivedThe equipment has been received at Instantel.
Inspect & CleanAn Instantel technician is performing an incoming performance assessment on the equipment, while also cleaning it.
CalibratedThe equipment is being reviewed and calibrated by an Instantel technician.
Requires RepairThe equipment is being inspected and the required repairs are being assessed by an Instantel technician.
Send QuoteA quote for the suggested repairs has been sent to your Authorized Instantel Dealer.
Quote AcceptedThe repairs have been authorized and an Instantel technician is completing the approved repairs.
Work CompletedThe calibration and/or approved repairs have been completed and the equipment is now ready to be shipped.
ReturnedThe equipment has left Instantel and is being shipped using the return shipping instructions included in the ticket.