Micromate, THOR and Vision - Now available in English, French, Spanish and Swedish

January 10, 2017 - Instantel is pleased to announce that three of our most popular products: Micromate, THOR and Vision, are now available in English, French, Spanish and Swedish.
Instantel's user manuals, instruction sheets and technical specification sheets for these products are now available in your prefered language. New Micromate units can be shipped with your choice of language interface and documentation, when requested at the time of order. For customers with existing equipment, these documents are now available to download free of charge at www.instantel.com.
For information on how to upgrade your Instantel products, please use the instructions below. 
To change your language in THOR, you must upgrade THOR to version In the THOR window, click the Check for Updates button in the lower left hand corner. Then, click the blue icon and select Instantel Update Now.
To switch your Micromate language interface, you must update the firmware on your Micromate to MM10.85. This is available in the Downloads section at www.instantel.com. Once you have updated the firmware, please refer to the Release Notes for steps on enabling a different language.
If you are a THOR user, simply update THOR, then click Firmware version button on the Unit Details Dashboard.
Vision users can switch their preferred language at any time. Simply select the language from the language selector in the lower right hand corner.
For more information, please contact Instantel Sales at Sales@Instantel.com.