How do I send my unit back to Instantel for service or calibration?


Before sending your unit in for service you will need to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. This number is available online once you have logged into Instantel® InfoChange™.  If you do not have an account see the "Creating an Account" link below.

  1. Press the Login button and enter your User ID and Password. 
  2. Once accepted, the RMA button will appear in the top right corner of the upper window. Press this button and select Enter RMA. 
  3. Ensure your company information is correct and press Continue.
  4. Enter the serial number (including the two characters as indicated in the Model field), model, what service is required and what courier you would like the unit returned by. 
  5. Press Submit. 

The RMA number will then be displayed on the screen and an email will be sent to the address in your account profile. This RMA number must be written on the outside of the shipping box and on the waybill.  All products are to be sent to Instantel brokerage and duties prepaid and door to door service (see the addresses below).  

Note: If you have more units to return press "Enter Another RMA" otherwise press "Done".