Meet the world’s first smart geophone. The SmartGeo is the first of its kind and is packed with innovative technology. Available only from Instantel, it has auto-leveling and auto-orientation intelligence built in.

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Never worry about the hassles involved with leveling your geophone again

After rigorous testing, Instantel has designed a geophone that automatically detects its orientation and adjusts for accurate readings of vertical, transverse and longitudinal vibrations. This means that the SmartGeo can be placed in virtually any orientation and it will automatically adjust and correct itself for the appropriate level and position. With the SmartGeo you will no longer have to worry about leveling your geophone. Installations just became easy and hassle free!


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There is no longer a need to purchase two separate geophones for horizontal mount and vertical mount

You can now take the same geophone that was installed in the horizontal position on one job, and simply mount it vertically on the wall for the next job – all without adjusting the internal sensors or using a leveling plate. The SmartGeo can even be installed upside down and it will register accurate readings. You’ll no longer have to keep track of which geophone is wall mount and which is floor mount – making fleet management easy. You also don’t have to purchase, customize or inventory any wall mounting brackets. As long as the geophone can be bolted or spiked in place, the SmartGeo auto-orients and auto-levels without the need for specialized mounting brackets.

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The SmartGeo is the ideal spare geophone!

With auto-orientation and auto-leveling intelligence built in, the SmartGeo lets you be prepared for any installation. You will no longer have to bring multiple installation options when you go out to site. If you arrive on a job site and find an unexpected surprise where you thought all the geophones were going to be horizontal (floor) mount, but now you see that vertical (wall) mounts are what is needed – use the SmartGeo. If you get out to the site and find out that the terrain is too rocky to level the geophone - use the SmartGeo. The SmartGeo reduces your overall inventory and the time and money you spend on installations. SmartGeos are available for both the Micromate and Minimate Pro series and are calibrated independently of the monitoring unit. Any Micromate SmartGeo will work with any Micromate unit. Any Minimate Pro SmartGeo will work with any Minimate Pro unit. This makes the SmartGeo easy to integrate with your existing Instantel products.

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Specifications        Spécifications        Especificaciones        Specifikationer

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