Meet the world's first smart geophone. With auto-leveling and auto-orientation intelligence built in!

​March 7, 2017 - Instantel is redefining the industry, again! The SmartGeo is the first of its kind and is packed with innovative technology. Available only from Instantel, it has auto-leveling and auto-orientation intelligence built in.

After rigorous testing, Instantel has designed a geophone which automatically detects its orientation and adjusts for accurate readings of vertical, transverse and longitudinal vibrations. With the SmartGeo you will no longer have to worry about leveling your geophone or keeping track of which geophone is wall mount and which is floor mount. Installations just became easy and hassle free!

Highlights for the SmartGeo include:

  • Available for the Micromate, Minimate Pro4 and Minimate Pro6 monitoring units.
  • SmartGeos are calibrated independently of the monitoring unit, so they are interchangeable between units:
    • Any Micromate SmartGeo will work with any Micromate unit.
    • Any Minimate Pro SmartGeo will work with any Minimate Pro4 or Pro6 unit.
  • The SmartGeo is the ideal spare geophone:
    • If you arrive at a job site and find an unexpected surprise where you thought all the geophones were going to be horizontally mounted, but now you see a wall mount would be ideal, use the SmartGeo.
    • If you have a particular job where getting a geophone level is difficult and time consuming, such as in rocky terrain or in tight spaces, use the SmartGeo.
    • If one of the geophones in your existing fleet is damaged, use the SmartGeo.
  • You no longer need to worry about purchasing, customizing and inventorying wall mounting brackets. As long as the geophone can be bolted in place, the SmartGeo auto-orients and auto-levels between the vertical and the horizontal, without a dedicated wall mount bracket.
  • Reduce your overall inventory of geophones by eliminating the need to stock dedicated vertical and horizontally configured geophones. The SmartGeo can do both!


The SmartGeo reduces the time and money you spend on installations. It's the smart choice.

For a complete list of specifications, please download the SmartGeo Product Sheet.